Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Passing the Bangalore blog torch (blorch?)

My Bangalore blogging days are drawing to an end. Jay and I leave soon and I'm already up to my neck in the usual clean-out-the-apartment, clean-out-the-office, going-away-meals frenzy. And the posts are necessarily becoming less frequent.

I may add some more of my inane musings here and after my arrival home in America. But I'm sure that as time passes, memory fades and new experiences come, this blog will, like its predecessor -- This is My London -- become the digital equivalent of a closed book and no longer a live journal of my stay in this fascinating city and country.

And I hope you've enjoyed it. I've greatly appreciated your comments, critical, positive, or otherwise.

My readers will have at least one more place to go for their Bangalore expat blog fix. A friend and colleague, journalist Dan Sorid, arrived a few months ago and recently launched his own blog, bangalore dreamer, co-written by his teacher wife, Adriana. It's a good read. Their first entries include a harrowing story of a digestively troubled overnight train trip to the World Heritage site of Hampi.

So, watch Bangalore Torpedo for my Last Posts (that's an inside joke for my British friends) but start checking in with the dreamer . (Dan, this means you have to plug my still-unnamed Oatis-Goes-to-Jersey blog :-) ).


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