Wednesday, August 31, 2005


On Sunday night, we took our friend Jane out for a farewell dinner at Sunny's, a Continental restaurant off Lavelle Road in one of Bangalore's more chichi areas and one of our favorites.

During dinner, I looked up and saw a small bat flying around the spacious interior. And, I do mean flying around. The poor creature repeatedly flew up to various windows in a vain attempt to escape Sunny's.

I was mostly bemused by the bat-o-batics (I figured the winged mammal would escape eventually).

But I was grateful that Sunny's has a high ceiling. In my cub reporter days, I wrote a feature about bats that included this tidbit: they are the Typhoid Mary of rabies, i.e. the only mammal that can carry the disease and not die of it.

After a while, a restaurant staffer opened the door to Sunny's. Eventually, the bat flew out the door and into the small tree at the entrance door where he (she?) lives.

"It's happened before," the proprietor said with a smile. After the bat made its escape, the proprietor admonished the doorman to keep the door closed.

When we left Sunny's, the bat -- or a relative or friend -- was flitting around the tree.

Just another night in Bangalore.


At 4:55 AM, Blogger swar said...

I have been in bangalore for only a year now and it is pretty refreshing to read your take on this city. keep blogging and keep clicking! cheers.

At 3:28 AM, Blogger Ash_M said...


Good to hear you're all back and refreshed.

Er....what is a "chi-chi area"?


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