Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Another shot in the arm -- plus needles!

Got another vaccination yesterday, for rabies (arf, arf, grrr!)

I also bought:

-- Six months' worth of malaria medication. I opted for Doxycycline, a cousin of tetracycline also used to cure acne. I had a choice of four different treatments, including one that can make you crazy and another that accumulates in your eye (!)

-- Bug spray (two kinds, three bottles)

-- Insect repellent coils

-- Pocket-size sunscreen

-- A first-aid kid that includes my own set of sterile needles and an intravenous kit (what fun!)

-- A plug-in bug killer. It works like those plug-in air fresheners, except that it kills mosquitos instead of making the air smell nicer.

No pith helmet ... yet.


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