Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bangalore Bound

A new day, a new blog. I learned a few weeks ago that I would be going to Bangalore, India, to build and head up a new unit. Tnis blog is about the move and the place.

Before you move to India, you have to get vaccinated to a 'fare-thee-well. So far, I've received shots for:

-- Diphtheria

-- Tetanus

-- Polio

-- Hepatitis C

-- Hepatitis B (two shots down, one to go)

-- Rabies (One down, two to go)

I've also had two doses of oral cholera vaccine. To make the vaccine, you a) mix fizzy powder in 150 milliliters of water, b) shake then mix a vial of cholera vaccine into the mixture, c) do your best Dr. Jekyll impression and d) drink the whole mess. Fun.

Meanwhile, the relocation company is working on getting me a work visa and an apartment. I have an information pack from them that says that the apartments they provide in India are "quite small."

Given that this is a company in Britain -- where apartments are already on the smallish side -- I have to wonder if I'll be renting a closet.

I'm scheduled to leave the first week of January. The time will go quickly.

I've also bought a copy of the Rough Guide to India. It's a good read.


At 1:24 AM, Blogger Bugs Bangalore said...

With all those vaccines ur not goin to fall ill in a lifetime for sure :)

Wishing you good luck and good health in "Namma Bengalooru" !

Have loads of fun!!
Bhargav (Bugs)


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